We are going to invite all our students/colleagues atletica2110-45who are studying/working abroad to write about the country they are living in. We hope you’ll appreciate and exploit this opportunity. So far we have got something very interesting sent to us from Australia. We are going to call these notes : “STRAIGHT FROM AUSTRALIA”. ... and here we are with a report we have just received from Melbourne. It is by Anna Capasso, one of our students who has been in Australia since July ; she will be back to her class (4 A) just after Christmas. These are Anna’s first notes about Australia and its people she wants to share with you.

One of our colleagues, Renata Berto, is now in Australia. After 19 years at Liceo Messedaglia, our wonderful English teacher last year decided to move abroad. She is now teaching Italian at Melbourne University but ... we are lucky because we haven’t lost her completely! So here she is with some notes from “down there”.

(thank you, Renata!)

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